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The picture is slightly too large to fit the screen but I did manage to fit it in, graphic & type. I see what you're talking about pertaining to the filter, however.........

This same identical scenario also pertains to the fuel primer bulb, and many boaters question it. Usually the primer bulb is laying horizontally somewhere on the deck or motor well (not so in your case, but still!), for this example I am using the horizontal mention.

It is a case that when you pump the fuel primer bulb up hard, it is completely full... BUT... as the engine runs, the fuel level drops down to the halfway mark due to some scientific code/rule/whatever. I asked a factory rep about that occurrence back around 1968 or so... the answer was "It's the nature of the beast" meaning I a$$ume that it is a normal happening and has no effect on the engine's performance.

I have noticed this effect on various fuel filters that are included in the manufacture of outboards etc with the primer bulb being hard and the engine NOT yet started.

Taking this into consideration, I can only a$$ume that the filters I have observed elsewhere... and yours as pictured above are subject to the same code/rule/whatever.

You have posted no engine performance problem so I a$$ume that your entry is a question to avoid wasted time more-so than anything else. We shall see.

Bottom line... next stop... the lake!

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