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Originally Posted by 1986 Newport View Post
Both tanks had this issue im still hunting. Anyway something on the presure side is able to do this? Niether tank has a vent but I tried main tank without cap on and that did not work.

How do I test the pump? Can I tee in a pressure gage? What pressure should I look for? I'm thinking my pump vaccum port ( engine side) might be restricted.

I have new quick disconnects on the fuel lines, any issues with male parts on engine cowl?
Quick disconnects create no issue unless there is an obvious leak which would cause the pump to draw air.

All tanks must have a vent... somewhere. If air can't get in, fuel can't get out.

I a$$ume that the "anti siphon valve" was indeed a valve and NOT just a clear fitting? Also a$$uming that you checked the Fuel Primer Bulb valves?

I'm not knowlwdgeable on testing the fuel pump but I do believe that other members, friends of mine on the Evinrude/Johnson forums at and could advise you on that.
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