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ecoflorida 06-28-2013 11:44 AM

EMM Cooling system Flush?
My 225 EMM is overheating (194 F). Is it reasonable to back-flush the cooling circuit with muratic acid to clean out any scale deposits?

I understand the consequences if I am sloppy but is this how it is done or should it be dis***embled?

scarab1967 06-30-2013 04:55 PM

225 ficht EMM
Mine is out to DFI Technologies for them to re-inspect, had it rebuilt last octuber and because of other issues the boat had only been out twice and last sunday the voltage (+16volts) went to the roof just like when the first time the EMM went, I change my water pumps (twins) yearly,never been overheated and the EMM still fries.
I removed both lower engine cover, there is a hose on the port side(left) this water comes in from the mid-section/pump into the Fuel Vapor Separator, flows in and out to the lower port of EMM, out the EMM to the Starboard side(right) and down to a "y" fitting and keeps flowing back into the mid section plate down the lower unit. With my EMM out, I fed water with a hose thru the lines and I get full flow, I used a straight nipple to connect the two water hoses from the EMM and I get great water flow.
I wouldn't use any acids to flush, these fichtes systems have gaskets, o-rings that might get affected, use plenty of water. To flush on a regular basis I use a "salt-away" nozzle and put some carwash soap, is very mild and removes salt, etc.
Oh,,,I have twins 2000 225hp, the other motor I just finished installing at an evinrude shop the mid-section plate because ubstruction I noticed no water coming out the center of the prop, $2300 we're are so burned spending money and it's almost hard to enjoy the boat, but what are you gonna do, got to fix it or sell it. Careful with the acid flushing, try water first.
hope it works

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