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chikinia72 07-16-2013 03:25 PM

Evinrude 225 HO 2003 no oil light
Hello Guys
Last weekend I have any issue with motor no oil light warning SLOW activate. Shut down the motor and No oil light went off after plane get back. I repeat the process with same results 3 times. I review the plug of the pressure switch pressure and after reconnect not oil light appear after 20 seconds motor star and still on continuously and repeat like no sensor connected.
I take out pressure switch thinking it could be damaged but after testing under pressure it react as specify on repair manual close at 53 psi and open at 43psi.
I also review oil from manifold to crankcase and flowing normal also when I take out the switch of the oil manifold it has oil on it.

I will proceed to check pressure on oil pump in case of tear diaphragm or tired pump.\\

Appreciate any clue or somebody dealing with same issue.

GSLURES 03-13-2014 03:13 PM

Hi I'm having same issue with a 2005 150hp. had oil pump and oil sensor replaced. Still doing it. Dealer says only thing left is oil ***embly that part is $1040.00. I'm still looking for fix. Gotta be a better way.

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