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Reed Valves - 1987 V4 140 Evinrude

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  • Reed Valves - 1987 V4 140 Evinrude

    I am trying to resolve an issue with my motor. At idle the motor seems to hunt through the rev range of 800 - 1100.
    Now I pulled out the stock reed valves and apon inspection they seem squeaky clean. They seemed to seal as per design but it could be a different story when in operation. I entertained the idea about replacing them with some Boyesen reed valves but $1000+ later there is no guarantee that will fix my issue.
    Has anyone on this forum changed their stock reed valves to Boyesen reed valves and have experienced better idle / performance with their loopers?
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks and regards.

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    I don't see how a reed plate/leaf valve could affect the idle rpm at the lowest desired setting (idle).

    Is this problem similar to slowly increasing and decreasing the throttle (fuel)...or... a sudden instant rpm changing up and down when sitting at an idle...or... is it simply that when retarding the throttle from a in gear higher rpm, the idle is not always in the same place?


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      Thanks Joe for replying as you always do.
      It would be best described to slowly increasing and decreasing the throttle.
      thanks and regards.


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        Through investigation, the throttle valve shafts are bent. I am going to straighten. A Lync and Sync and hopefully this will solve the hunting problem at idle.


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          A very late reply for me here I know.... but something just dawned on me that I had encountered but one time in my 30+ years in the trade, as follows.

          A engine with the problem as you state..... I was trouble shooting it and found that the linkage between the carburetors was ever so slightly out of adjustment that one throttle butterfly was out of sync with the other carburetors. Correcting that cured the problem.