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2000 E115 Ficht - relay preventing start - please help!

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  • 2000 E115 Ficht - relay preventing start - please help!

    I have a 2000 E115 Ficht that have run very nicely with no problems until;
    • I replaced a broken starter with a used starter from a 2003 model (same BRP part number)
    • After this change, the motor started at first attempt (always had to crank twice before), and easily on the next approx. 3-4 attempts
    • Then suddenly the motor was completely “dead”, it would not tilt (up or down) nor crank.
    • Found the fuse number 7 (Key Switch, EMM, Accessories) broken and replaced it.
    • Then the motor started easily once. But on the second attempt, it did not. Fuse ok, tilt ok – but again no cranking.
    • Then I started to measure from the key switch and backward - solenoid ***y a.o. All seems to be OK until I came to a standard 5 pin relay placed outside the power distribution panel (where most relays are placed together with fuse holders). It is placed close together of what I believe is the main relay - see attached drawing where the relay/connector is marked yellow. As I do not have a wiring diagram, I do not know the function/purpose of this relay, but I believe it has some safety or ***istance function? As I do not have any wiring diagram it is quite impossible for me to identify.
    • In to the relay is going a yellow w/red stripe cable (start signal), and from negative (pos 86) there are connected two cables, a gray w/ black striped wire and a darker gray or light brown wire.
    • I measure that there is no earthing/ground from the relay when I try to start. I have tested to connect pos 86 (neg) directly to batt negative – and then the starter crank while turning the key.

    Could anyone help me identify this relay (function – wiring and so on)?
    Or better, anyone having the wiring diagram for the starter system or even better the complete?
    If anyone could give me an idea of what the problem is, that would be the absolute best

    You have to excuse my writing here as I am a Norwegian. Really hope somebody can help me out here.


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    I don't have the service manual with me but the EMM controls the start circuit on that motor, when the ignition key is turned to start position it signals EMM to supply a ground circuit to starter relay.
    You need to check wire harness and connectors at EMM, power distribution panel and relay, in most cases it is the relay that is bad, test or replay relay. If relay and connections are ok then you will need to run continuity test on wire harness which you will need the service manual with wiring diagram and wire connector pin diagrams.
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      Thanks for replay. Do you know where I can get a copy of the engine's wire diagram? Starter syst3m, or better complete?
      Best regards


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        You can purchase service manuals at but not sure where to find one you can download.
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