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1968 9.5HP turtle, weird noise

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  • 1968 9.5HP turtle, weird noise

    I have asked this in other places but didn't get any answer, hope to find some more experienced here.

    My engine sometimes make weird noise when I adjust throttle(both up & down), start vibrating and slows down for a few seconds, then smooth out.

    Recorded two videos here:

    In both videos the first 2-3 seconds you can hear the wierd "Thump Thump" noise.

    Any idea what might caused that?

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    I listened to both videos but didn't hear the thumping... BUT... I did see the hood jerk a couple times. If it also feels like you're hitting a submerged object along with that thumping, I'd suspect the engine is jumping out of gear and back into gear... usually due to worn shifter lobes within the lower unit OR having the shift linkage miss-adjusted at the br*** connector.


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      Might have to crank up the volume, and it's only the first 2-3 seconds, Sorry the sound effect is not very good. Yes the jerk is from the motor vibration, not submerged object. I can repeat it pretty reliably, just turn the throttle up or down, for a few seconds the motor jerks, jumps and slows down a bit and cough the weird wound, feels like the motor is running irregularly, like runs/stalls/runs. Usually after 2-3 seconds it smooths out, but sometimes take longer, I then have to adjust the throttle to get it back to smooth again. Usually happens near the full throttle, low speed seems to be ok.