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Timing or throttle trunnion.

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  • Timing or throttle trunnion.

    I own a 1986 Evinrude 20 hp that has run great for past 4-5 years because of information /knowledge gained from this forum. Started to act funny at end of last season so checked lynk and synk as well as timing without luck. Just by luck I found the throttle cable trunnion ball has been cracked almost in half thus allowing the throttle cable to slide back and forth. How do I know where to set the the cable in a new trunnion ball and do I have to adjust the timing again when the ball is properly located? I did make minor adjustments until I found this problem. I realize another lync and synk is required, but not sure about timing adjustment. I sure don't want to take it do our local marine stealership.

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    I read over your statement and there is no need to adjust anything excepting the trunion on a new cable.

    Simply adjust the trunion so that when your control box is at a idle setting, the engine's idle rpm is where you want it. That's it!


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      Thanks Joe. So timing is not effected by the position of the trunion ball? I just want to make sure I'm not going to damage anything by having the timing out of wack.. Oh, and by the way, your out of water timing set up is dead on. I love it.