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high altitude operation

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  • high altitude operation

    hello, i have a 1989 evinrude 40 hp vro TE40ELCEC. i wish to use this at about 1000 metres above sea level, but the operators manual says i need a high altitude carby kit for operation above 900 m. if i have a kit installed in the carby it limits me to about 5 lakes i could fish. if i want to fish lower altitude lakes i have to change kit back. can i get away with using it without the high altitude carby kit?

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    It's going to run rich and not perform well, you can try it and see how it runs at the higher altitude. Just remember once you set it up for higher altitude then engine will lean at sea level. If you are going to be fishing at different altitudes then may look for a engine with electronic fuel injection which is capable of running at any altitude but may still have to change the prop.
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