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Engine overall performance question

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  • Engine overall performance question

    I did a WOT on my 2008 90hp etec the other day. 5200rpm. Right on factory spec. But im only gerting about 27kts. I get 20kts at about 4000. And about 25kts from 4400. 3 blade prop. Seams i am losing effeciency somewhere. Is there any way i can increase overall speed and effeciency. Engine is on a Freedom escape 530. Fibregl*** half cabi

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    You say "Right on factory specs." which leads me to believe that the top rated rpm on that engine is 5500rpm... and you're as close to that as you're going to get I'm thinking. (I don't have the book in front of me.

    Also I have no idea of the length of a "Freedom Escape 530 Fibergla$$ Half Cabin... BUT...if it exceeds 18', I'd think the hull resistance is the retaining factor. Higher hp engine?