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Water in the engine oil

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  • Water in the engine oil

    Hello, I have a 2014 15HP Evinrude trolling motor which fell off my transom last weekend while it was running. I was able to get it running and it seems to run well however water got into the oil. I have now changed the oil 5 times running the motor for 1-2 minutes between each oil change and the oil now appears to look pretty good. I do plan to change it one more time along with the filter. My question is what are going to be the long term effects of that water in my engine? Should I worry about it? Does it need to be rebuilt? Thanks for your help

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    The not too secretive thing about submerged engines is that they must be returned to the running mode, starting as soon as they are out of the water... subjected to the air, as rusting begins immediately. It appears that you are right on top of everything and have it all well in hand.

    I would suggest that you take the electric starter apart to clean and spray it with WD40 or CRC, and also to remove the flywheel to clean the components that lies under it... also go the WD40 or CRC route there too. For that matter, spray the entire powerhead down with either of those agents.

    Other than that... I'd say that you have nothing to worry about.... good for you!

    Don't ever do that again!


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      Thanks for the advice