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no kill switch response

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  • no kill switch response

    '88 9.9 Evinrude , kill switch wire (black /yellow tracer ) to CDI module . when grounded this is supposed to short the ign. stopping the plugs from firing ? correct , my little motor still fires when wire is grounded , ( I'm turning the motor by hand ,not running ) am I having a senior moment and missing something? continuity, from cdi from wire to ground , new cdi box

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    It appears that you're speaking of grounding the black/yellow wire (Kill Circuit) directly from the powerpack to the engine's powerhead, and are still getting spark at the spark plug boot terminal. If so = faulty powerpack kill circuit.


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      went back ,started from square one , grounded the kill switch wire at the power module, no spark .opened the harness (razor blade ) found the kill switch wire corroded / broken inside the insulation .motor must have been under water some in its life...problem solved with new wiring from power module to kill switch connector .


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        We knew you could do it!