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Evinrude 2007 E150DSLSIF EMM Replacement

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  • Evinrude 2007 E150DSLSIF EMM Replacement

    So, I think that I'm going to need to have repaired/replaced my EMM for my 2007 Evinrude E150DSLSUF outboard motor. Cylinder #3 will not fire and the oil pump doesn't seem to be working (possibly due to the EMM). I had a tech diagnose the issue since I don't have the software. We've come to this conclusion after the below diagnostic tests. If a test was missed, please let me know since this isn't a cheap replacement. I also have a couple of questions around replacement below.

    Diagnostics tests and results:
    • Breather Cover leaking oil up to the bottom intake body around gasket - bottom 2 Cylinders
    • Oil was Fouled
    • #3 cylinder not burning gas
    • Other 3 Carbon fouled
    • #3 is not dropping on Cylinder drop test, ignition or injector
      • Injector does click when performing static test
    • Checked the coil, Ohms out a 0.0 & 278.8, Wire Ohms at 381
    • Compression: 130/130/130/130/132/132
    • After running test, there was excess oil on all plugs

    Differential diagnoses:
    • Oil dumping too much oil means either a possible bad EMM and/or oil pump
    • Since #3 is not responsive to above tests and everything leading to the EMM are testing within normal limits, the EMM is likely bad
      • injector seems to be working and coil test was unremarkable (normal)

    • Is there anything that I need to test outside of what has been done above? It turns over and runs, but not well.
    • Also, It's hard to fine anyone who does repair on Evinrude EMMs these days.
      • I do see a 2007 part with injectors timed to the EMM for sale for $975. It's for the same year and model and as my outboard. Can I just replace the injectors and EMM and be good? If not, what else would I need to done/programmed? One thing that I can think of is ensuring it's not set to 100:1 gas to oil ratio
    • I'd prefer to just buy a used EMM and set up timing verification for EMM/injectors to the new EMM as it would save me around $300, but I've never done that before
      • If it's a fairly simple procedure, I feel that I'm competent enough to do it, but if there is a lot of tests that need to be done with the module, I think that I'll just buy an EMM with the injectors (unless there is more that would need to be done with the EMM prior to using it on my outboard

    Please let me know if you have questions and/or input. Thanks!
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    did you try swapping coil on #3 with one from a cylinder you know is firing to see if coil will fire once moved?
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    • #3 We did test the coil and we did test with another coil. I've decided I'll likely get the software and purchase a used, low hour EMM. I'll need to reprogram the EMM. The ones I can find have the same P/N, but the motor size/model are different. Mine is an E150DSLSUF while the one that I'm looking at is an E200DPXSOR. The only software that I can find, however, are in Australia, Lithuania, or Moroco. Any US locations that sell the diagnostic software, bootstrap, interface cables (usb) 5008689 dignostic kit that will do what I need?
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        No the EV Diagnostic kits are dealer only items here in US, not available to public. Not sure if any aftermarket ones will work.
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