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1993 Evinrude 30hp starting problems

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  • 1993 Evinrude 30hp starting problems

    My 1993 Evinrude 30 hp tiller E30TELETA runs almost as good as when it was new. I inherited this from one of the greatest fishing buddies and friends I've ever had - my dad! He was a
    civil engineer and a triple war vet (WWII, Korean and Viet-Nam) One of the most honorable men I've ever known!

    Now at 70 myself and retired, I'm fishing his old Lowe's semi-V hull and this outboard about 3-5 times a month. And catching lots of fish. Dad and I caught alot of fish out of the boat when I lived
    in Texas near him.

    The problem:

    Even with new sparkplugs, I have to spray "starter" fluid inside the carb to get it to fire up. Otherwise, the engine turns over but won't start. It is an electric start.

    It starts instantly and runs great the first effort to start it after spraying the fluid. I use the choke with the first start of the day and then the choke is no longer needed for the rest of the day.

    Once, started ................ it continues then to fire up as normal with NO further need for starter fluid. It will work perfectly thru the day.

    IF I go out in the next few days, it will start just fine with no starter fluid needed most of the time.

    It's when the outboard has not been used for a few days or a week that I will need to give it a squirt of starter fluid.

    It runs quite smooth at all speeds. I'm pleased with how it performs.

    I use premium gas. I use synthetic oil additive for 2 stroke outboards. The fuel tank and the line from the fuel tank to outboard are new.

    It's all original on the outboard. Nothing has been replaced but sparkplugs, impeller and maintenance of changing grease and oil.

    Not sure where to start to resolve this? Do I need ethanol free gas or an additive? Need new fuel lines or fuel line filter? Carb rebuilt?


    With respect, 10thtx

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    Probably need to rebuild or replace the fuel primer system(the choke) doesn't sound like it putting enough fuel in intake to start a cold engine.
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      Thank you for the reply! I will look into that. I have a manual and will see if I can make sense of how to rebuild that or replace it.

      With respect, 10thx