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Anyone try the EMM byp*** trick for when motor isn't charging the battery

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  • Anyone try the EMM byp*** trick for when motor isn't charging the battery

    ANYONE HAVE EXPERIENCE or know someone who has fixed the "not charging battery" FIX to the emm by byp***ing the emm with a regulator wired into the motor and to battery???

    My Q??- I'm just trying to figure out which wires to splice into to connect the voltage regulator.

    picture... is one of the forums I found where people have done this successfully.

    Picture my flywheel I took off because my last post everyone said it's probably the magnets have fallen off... Took off and I inspected and every magnet is perfect and not moved.

    Picture.... I also just bought diagnostic software and it shows the power being produced is 55 volts.

    Also no other fault codes and when I rev the motor it does not change the power output at all... It is still 0 to the battery

    There must be someone on this page or a mechanic tech that has tried it... Just curious what wires I splice into for the regulator

    Original thread, one of them I seen ...
    "06-29-2018 09:43 AM
    Hi guys. I have an 2006 Evinrude Etec 225, I have had the EMM replaced on this thing because it quit charging. Now it has had done the same thing again 128 Hrs later on the replacement EMM. The cost for new one and mechanic to install is about $2,000.00 . Here is what I have done over the winter. I spliced into the wiring where it comes from the stator.
    Next I ran the wires to an external voltage regulator. I cut the wires from the EMM where it comes out to charge battery then attached those to the other side of the voltage regulator. I have put about 75 Hrs on the engine this year with no problems. The battery has been charging just fine and no alarms on the engine. I can't say that I would recommend anyone doing this but it has worked for me. Better to spend $ 60.00 for regulator than $2,000.00 to replace EMM again. Now remember the only problem I has was not charging battery nothing else. The wires that I spliced into from stator are still connected to the EMM. It has to have power. Just tapped into to hook up external voltage regulator. Completely took charging side off of EMM."

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    Hmm. Anyone with the tip for how to splice in the regulator rectifier