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1982 140hp evinrude starter problem

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  • 1982 140hp evinrude starter problem

    Hi guys I’ve just bought a boat with a 1982 140hp evinrude it’s not engaging the starter and no tick noise from the solenoid, I’m able to byp*** the starter solenoid and it turns over so guessing It’s got a bad solenoid but before I order a new one can anyone tell me what the part is cirlcled in my attached photo and why it would be making a tick noise each time I turn the key?
    I had someone else turn the key on and off and can even feel a little click noise inside the part and it sounds like the noise a wire makes when it shorts. Thanks!

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    So I think I’ve figured it out, it’s the choke solenoid, next question which way should the little red tab be pointing and why? Thanks again